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An IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a legal process which enables a debtor to avoid bankruptcy by making an agreement with their creditors to pay off a certain percentage of the debts over a given period.

IVA Advice, Why?

At ivadvice.uk.com we have one key objective - clarifying the Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
process. If, like countless others in the UK at present, you are experiencing financial difficulties, it
can be all too easy to make a kneejerk decision in regards to IVAs, only to experience subsequent
problems as a consequence. We are here to enable you with an aggregate knowledge of IVAs and provide IVA advice so that you find the correct financial solution for your situation.

IVA Pros and Cons
The internet is awash with conflicting information where debt management is concerned, among it a
great deal of ill meaning opportunism, aimed at people such as you, whose best interests are the
furthest thing from the minds of unethical fly-by-night charlatans, out to make a fast buck. We
function to provide you with one-on-one telephone assistance with professional advisors - people
with the knowledge and experience to ensure that you are guided in the right direction.
Via the 100% free IVA advice consultation process, we'll explain to you the plusses and minuses of
IVAs, taking into consideration your personal situation. We tailor our assessment process for each
and every client; therefore the thorough appraisal of your specific financial situation will be unique,
exacting and decisive. This is how we are able to discover whether or not an IVA is the best solution
for you. If it isn't , we will be able to assist you in proceeding with whatever course of action offers
you the greatest benefit.

About Us:

By using our aprroved debt advisers you will get all the IVA advice and support you need, and you will not pay us anything unless the process of dealing with us results in a successful outcome on your part. We operate on the basis that where there is no IVA, there is no fee.

Take a look around our site for an introduction into IVAs and debt management options. The aim is
to give you some indicators, and to enlighten you as to how you might gain back the financial
autonomy that has been missing from your life. Then simply fill in our simple, quick online form, or
request a callback, and one of our advisors will be promptly in touch with you, ready to remove you
from those financial shackles and set you on course to your life's next chapter.

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IVA Example

Before IVA
Debt = £33,000
Monthly payments = £600
After IVA
Debt written off = £18,600 (56%)
Debt repaid = £14,400 (44%)
Monthly payments = £240